When you look at the “The newest Serfsons,” Lindsey Naegle and you may Krusty was matchmaking

When you look at the “The newest Serfsons,” Lindsey Naegle and you may Krusty was matchmaking

When you look at the “The newest Serfsons,” Lindsey Naegle and you may Krusty was matchmaking

Lindsey is described as a familiar teens-hater. Outraged during the that have paid down large ruin fees to possess a specific riot that youngsters had caused, she molded an anti-youthfulness category, SSCCATAGAPP (Men and women, Seniors, Childless Partners and you will Kids and you can Gays up against Parasitic Moms and dads), and lobbied so you’re able to rob Springfield of the many kid-amicable something. This lady strategy almost been successful, but it is defeated from the past second when Bart, Lisa, while the almost every other children from inside the Springfield hugged the adults, infecting them with “kid bacterium.” The newest grownups collapsed having sickness and turned incapable of choose, inducing the strategy so you can falter. [2]

Lindsey is actually an alcohol (she said thus amount-of-factly so you can Lenny when she was asked as to why she was at Moe’s Tavern). Not surprisingly she actually is your face of Alcoholics Private department within the Springfield. [3]

The woman is tend to seen as a person in the newest Springfield Republican Party. However, she was previously viewed planning to an effective Popular Class meeting. She is and a person in brand new Springfield Book Club, and you will was the one who was the cause of city to finally crack in variety of getting trapped in the dome when she put a text during the Helen Lovejoy, in order to for this to miss and you can spill the new java within the the newest surrounding Alcoholics Unknown appointment.

Lindsey can flatly know points that might be believed insensitive. She accepted so you can getting a sexual predator, [4] and when mentioned that she don’t shout due to a botched face lift. [5]

When you look at the “Homer Visits Planning School”, she is a person in the brand new Doomsday preppers together with Gary Chalmers, Herman Hermann, L.T. Crush and you may Lloyd. Whenever Superintendent Chalmers showed a good rifle scope that renders one people face look hazardous and you may harmful (from the placing a crazy eyebrow appearance toward mans faces), he pretended so you’re able to take the girl carrying they. She asks what it are to own, in which he states “You think I have went mad which have stamina, just weren’t your?”. Lindsey reacts “I was not however, I am now.” and you may Chalmers pretended so you can capture this lady a few so much more times.

Lindsey provides jumped upwards in a lot of capabilities, seemingly performing at a separate business every time she looks. Business headings enjoys included these community executive, plus income researcher, monetary coordinator, public relations consultant, promotion capitalist, advertisements exec, mobile providers administrator, insurance coverage sales professional, and executive on Guy Invention Class. Immediately following she brought by herself (again) to Homer and Marge, Marge told you, “We now have satisfied you a couple of times, Ms. Naegle. How come you keep altering operate?” Lindsey flatly answered, “I’m a sexual predator.” [6] This lady organization cards checks out “Lindsey Naegle: Really does Everything you”. [7]

Industrial steps and you may has an effect on

Because of the girl character because a corporate and you will community manager figure, Lindsey (like most organization President otherwise network executive regarding the media) has a tendency to more commercialize anything that she has creative command over, that causes first harm to other emails, in line with the spot of your own episode.

Within the “The fresh Itchy Abrasive Poochie Tell you”, Lindsey are area of the panel off writers at Itchy Scratchy Globally, which thought that the smoothness Poochie can be rebellious, has many ideas, and become “Rasta-fied” by 10%, including “proactive” and you may an excellent “entirely extraordinary paradigm”. However, because of Poochie’s unpopularity on the listeners, Lindsey along with the rest of your writers want to eliminate him off. Even in the event Homer implores the viewers to give Poochie a reasonable possibility (in the place of understanding the fresh meant software), the character try edited aside in the last-minute, making Homer perception deceived, as he put his spirit towards the profile he voiced. [8]

Into the “Womanly Release”, Lindsey tells Krusty brand new Clown the FCC feels you to babies are not studying anything from The Itchy Scratchy Tell you and that they you would like academic coding. She after that suggest a kid-dependent development reveal titled “Kidz Information”, where system would cut 10 minutes from the Krusty the new Clown Reveal. From inside the work with of the news tell you, Lisa Simpson is hired because the a reports anchor, whenever you are Bart are later on selected making an excellent sportscaster. Immediately after Bart livens in the inform you, Lindsey encourages him to co-point, which makes Lisa envious. Lisa proclaims that she doesn’t need an effective co-anchor, Lindsey tells the woman one Bart keeps exactly what she does not: “Zazz!”, “Zing!”, “Zork!”, and you may “Kapowza!” Even with Lisa’s need of this trivializes the complete notion of Kidz Newz, the girl argument happens unanswered. Immediately following Bart and you will Lisa like to resolve the fresh disputes and also make a good instructional reports program, he or she is suddenly canceled in favor of “The new Mattel and you can Mars Pub Short Opportunity Choc-O-Robot Hour”. [9]

Sexual life

Lindsey after dated Ned Flanders, however the go out try interrupted whenever she acquired good facsimile advising the girl one to she is indicted. This woman is a passionate specialist of one’s kid-100 % free life, as well as some point spearheaded a movement while making Springfield smaller child-amicable. Shortly after romantically connected with Courtroom Roy Snyder, she is a scholar on Wharton Business University. She is a good stereotypical higher-administration exec, and her opportunities frequently ability the company buzzword “synergy”.

Marge advised Homer that, if the she passed away, he’d be allowed to marry chicas escort Peoria IL Lindsey; that is viewed on a list at the back of their closet. Ironically, Lindsey was in the bank having Marge whenever she gave Homer so it permission. [12]

Non-Canon Looks

Lindsey’s anti-child attitude is actually spoofed in a story in “Margical Record Concert tour” in which she performs Anne Boleyn. She marries Homer, just who takes on Queen Henry VIII, for the basis she can conceive having a guy to possess him. not, she actually is performed immediately following she brings King Henry a girl.

When Homer imagines crashes resulting throughout the a period of time he is uninsured, Lindsey Naegle and you may Marge Simpson already been making out after they have been truly the only of those who survived in addition to Homer Simpson. [13]

In the “Treehouse out-of Horror XIX,” regarding the beginning away from “Getting To come during the Deceased-Vertising”, she is in one of the photo into property.