These could also be present in profiles and you can dating sites

These could also be present in profiles and you can dating sites

These could also be present in profiles and you can dating sites

More often than not as opposed to writing out what i abbreviate or would acronyms otherwise sets of initials to state the exact same thing. The following is a summary of the greater well-known page groupings when it comes to speaking of Sado maso and you may submission.

: In conversations, handling an answer to one to owner’s declaration : Handling a reply to the original Blog post (and/or Poster)

BBW: Larger Breathtaking Girl * BD: Thraldom and you may Discipline * BDSM: General term dealing with the complete set of D/s; an amalgamation out of abbreviations:

  • BD: Bondage and Discipline
  • D/s: Popularity and entry
  • S/m: Sado-masochism

BFD: Huge Screwing Deal * BRB – Become Correct Backmonly put when IMing * BS: Bullshit! * BUMP: For the discussion, an excellent “bump” are entering a reply whose just goal is always to promote the latest bond back into the top the list. * BYOT: Bring your Individual Playthings (helps in avoiding pass on from ailment)

FEM: Abbrev. having “female”, like in FEM DOM. * FFF, FMF, FMM, etc: Refers to “threesomes”, F having females, Yards having men. * FFS: To possess Fucks Sake * FtM: Ladies in order to Men transgender (see TG note) * FUBAR: Fucked Upwards Past All Recognition * FUMTU: Banged Up Over Common * FWIW: For what It�s Worth * FYI: For the Advice

GF: Intercourse Liquid * GG: Gender Girl * GIGO: Scrap From inside the Scrap Away * GL: Good looking * GM: Gender Men * GMTA: Great Thoughts Consider Similar (should be combined with YFSD) * GTMI: Providing Way too much Recommendations * GQ: Intercourse Queer

IANAL: I am not saying A lawyer * IDGAD, IDGAF: I really don’t Give A really (Fuck) * Im (IMing) – Immediate Messenger. Describes talk attributes eg Google Live messenger and you will Skype, consider it once the messaging out of your pc. * IMHO: During my Honest View * IMhO: In my own simple Viewpoint * IMNSHO: Inside my Not very Humble Opinion * IMO: I do believe * IMPE: Within my Personal expertise * RL: Inside the Real world * ISO: Shopping for (usu. relates to “personals” ad)

LD, LDR: Long distance Dating * LGBT: Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans (generalization surrounding all of choice sex) * LMAO: Laughing My personal Ass Away from * LMBO: Laughing My Butt Of * LOL: Chuckling Aloud * LT, LTR: Long-Label Dating

* MFIC: Mommy Fucker Responsible * MtF: Male to Women transgender * MYOB, MYOFB: Attention Your own (Fucking) Company

OL, O/L, OLR: On-range dating * OP: New Post otherwise Fresh Poster * OSO: Most other Mate * OTK: Along the Knee

R & P: Discipline and you may Satisfaction * RACK: Chance Aware Consensual Kink (alternative values in order to SSC) * ROFL, ROTFL: Rolling On the (The) Floor Chuckling * ROFLMAO: Rolling Toward Floor Chuckling My personal Ass Regarding * RL, R/L: Real world * RT, R/T: Live * RU, RUA: Could you be (a) ______?

SAM, SAS: Sned Spot * SNAFU: Disease Normal: Most of the Fucked Upwards * SO: Spouse * SOSDD: Same exact Crap, Some other Go out * SRS: Sexual Reassignment Functions * SSBBW: Super-Dimensions Huge Beautiful Girl * SSC: Safer, Sane, Consensual (choice beliefs to Rack) * SSDD: Exact same Shit, More Day

TB: Teenager Kid * TBH, TBTH: Becoming (Totally) Truthful * TFF: Too Fucking Comedy * TG: Trans-Intercourse * TGFM, TG F-Meters, TG FtoM, etc: Trans-Gender Girls-to-Men * TGMF, TG Meters-F, TG MtoF, etc: Trans-Intercourse Male-to-Females * TIA: Thanks a lot Beforehand * TIH: Taken in Give * TLDR: Too much time, Failed to Realize * TMI: Extreme Suggestions * TPE: Complete Electricity Replace * TTFN: Ta Ta For now * TTYL: Correspond with You Afterwards * TTYS: Keep in touch with Your In the future * TV: Transvestite * TY: Thank-you * TYVM: Thanks a lot Truly * TY,TYVM

MC: Mind Manage * MILF: Mom I would ike to Bang * MFF, MFM, MMM, etc: Refers to “threesomes”, F to own people, M to have men

WEG: Sinful Worst Smile * WIITWD: What it is That we Would * WTF: What the Bang * WTMI: Excessively Information

YFSD: But really Fools Hardly ever Differ (might be in conjunction with GMTA) * YKINMK: Your Kink Is not My personal Kink * YKNMKBTOK: Your own Kink’s Maybe not My Kink But that is Okay * YKINMKBYKIOK: The Kink Is not My personal Kink Your Kink Is alright * YKINNMK: Your Kink Isn�t Always My Kink * YKINOK: Your own Kink Isn�t Okay * daddyhunt YKIOK, IJNMK: Your own Kink Is ok, Its not My personal Kink * YMMV: Their Distance Can differ * YMW: You are Most Enjoy * YQW, YRQW: You might be (Really) A little Acceptance * YW: You will be Enjoy