Hiring a Piper

Visit Pipers' Websites

  • Conduct an online search and narrow your choices to the to most qualified
  • Visit all pages within a piper's website
  • Read all reviews and recommendations. Are reviews recent?
  • Is the website content new, up-to-date and accurate?

Compare Music and Piping Skills: Watch Videos, Listen to Audio Tracks

  • Watch videos on pipers' websites and on YouTube channels
  • Listen to actual audio recordings by the piper. Listen for the quality of the tone quality, clarity and tuning. If you are not a musician, seek help from an experienced musician
  • Compare videos and audio recordings of a song with those of other performers
  • Request a live remote, in-person, or virtual audition.

Performing Experience:

  • Is the piper a Full-time or Part-time only performer?
  • Is the piper a professional or amateur musician?
  • Is the piper familiar with a a vast and extensive repertoire of piping music, various music styles and musical genres?
  • Is the piper experienced playing at various types of events: Weddings, Memorials, Patriotic, Stage and Film, Educational, Sporting Events?
  • Is the piper familiar with the venue? ( i.e. wedding venues, church, cemetery and other locations)
  • Is the piper familiar with the rules, regulations and procedures of the venue? (i.e. procedures at National Cemeteries, National and State Parks, church customs, Standard Operation Procedures (SOP), Protocols for Law Enforcement and Public Safety Agencies and Military organizations?

Review and Compare Music Education and Piping Training

  • Review formal music education, music degrees and credentials listed
  • Formal piping instruction received: individualized or group instruction
  • Piping instruction by a qualified and credentialed instructor in accredited institution

Appearance and Presentation

  • View and Inspect performance photos and videos on website and other sources
  • Types of uniforms: Semi-Formal, Formal, Military and others
  • Presentation: professional, clean, neat, tidy, properly groomed
  • Compare

Contact the piper by phone, text or email; take note of:

  • Is the piper friendly, courteous, patient, kind and understanding?
  • Are you being pressured to book or hire the piper?
  • Is the piper available to talk to other family members and decision-makers?
  • Request a written quote via email or text. Ask about required deposits to book and payments options offered.

Bagpipe Volume

The Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe and the Irish War Pipes are very powerful and loud musical instruments and their sound can be heard over great distances. The piper has little control of the sound volume of these bagpipes. When played in enclosed areas or a prolonged period of time the sound of bagpipes can sometime can be overwhelming to some people.

Piper location

Playing bagpipes can be quite physically demanding. Bagpipes are wind instruments that use reeds to produce sound. Reeds can be affected by many factors including temperature, moisture, altitude, atmospheric pressure and more. When planning an outdoor event be mindful and considerate of the weather conditions where the piper will be playing, the duration of the performance, rest periods.

Instrument Tuning

Bagpipes use a tuning system (temperament) that is somewhat different from other instruments; that is part of the allure and attraction of bagpipes.

Preparation before playing

Bagpipers get ready by doing an initial tuning of the pipes, then play to warmup, and then fine tuning to achieve the playing of overtones series that make the instrument come to life. Before arriving at any performance, I invest a considerable amount of time preparing my instrument to achieve the tuning, warmup and fine-tuning before hand. When I have to travel to perform at a distant location, it is important to have a place to perform these preparatory steps without disturbing the guests. At times, pipers need to re-tune their instruments just before playing.

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